Wednesday, September 28, 2011

  1. I went to travel to china with my school teachers in January 2010. The name of this mountain is chunmon. The height of this mountain is 1500m. It takes 40 minutes to arrive at the peaks by the cable car.
 2. This photo was taken at the Sky Pond  with my fellow teachers. There is a legend  that the fairies lived in this pond a long time ago. The water is so clean. so it looks like a mirror.
 3. This photo was taken at the Yeogang castle. Yeogang castle became a World Heritage Site designation There are many people selling stuff. There is beautiful scenery, and the old buildings are well preserved.

4. I do not know  the name of this place. Maybe, this place is one of the famous temples in China. As you see, the tower is made of wood that is visible in the background. The tower is 25 floors high. It is hard to believe that  it has been preserved intact until now.